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Lash Lift Kit 
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ESSILASH's Professional Lash Lift Kit is the perfect option for anyone who wants the appearance of an extra lift and length from their lashes without the maintenance that lash extensions require.

Made from only the best quality ingredients, with rigorous quality control from the manufacture to you. This Lift Box has been tested for effectiveness and safety to make sure you are provided with the best results for your clients. Silicone pads are used to provide a dramatic, long lasting lift that is more effective than traditional perm rollers.

Easy to use with minimal clean up, this kit conveniently includes individual packets for each lash lift you provide. As with everything you have come to expect from ESSILASH, the results and quality of this Lift Box will leave your clients happy with stunning lashes without the need of extensions, mascara, or eyelash curlers.

For professional use only.

Up to 20 applications

Lash curl can last up to 3 months.

The lash lift kit is including:

1 of lash lift adhesive

1 of perm solution

1 of setting solution

1 of lash nutrition

1 of lash cleanser

1 box lash lift tools-Silicone Pads/Lash Comb/Micro Swabs/Mascara Brushes

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